25 Dollar 1 Up Review – Scam or Legit?

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Is 25Dollar1Up a Scam or Legitimate?

This review could be one of my favorites, so far.  I came across the name of this opportunity while on Facebook and the ad was quite eye-catching.  So this seems like a good time to tell one of my many theories concerning “Making Money Online”, and the theory is: I believe that straight forward honest content will only get you so far and sooner or later you are going to need to get flashy.

That is why I am going to enjoy this review, because I will be able to prove whether or not FLASHY works faster than the plain honest truth.  And the number one question I am asked is how quickly can I start making money?  Let’s take a look at one of the best chances of making a quick buck on the web… 25Dollar1up.


Website Type: Affiliate Program
Legit or Scam: LEGIT
Earnings Potential: High
Sign Up Score: 8
Initial Reaction Score: 10
How Quickly can I Earn Money? Score:10
Safety and Security Score: 2
Repeatability and Sustainability Score: 4
Entertainment Value Score: 8
Inbox Invasion Score: 5
Check is in the Mail Score: 5

Overall MMO Score: 7.0
(Average of Individual Scores)


Categories are scored 1 thru 10
Sign Up Score
Initial REaction Score
How Quickly can I Earn Money? Score
Safety and Security Score
Repeatability and Sustainability Score
Entertainment Value Score

Overall MMO Score – Average

What is 25Dollar1up all About?

Let’s be clear, I was highly skeptical going into this one.  My first reaction was that this is going to be an “Upsale” program if I ever saw one.  And for those who do not know what an “Upsale” program is, here is my definition”

Upsale Program – Any program that has an initial cost and continues to require additional purchases to get further along in the program.

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