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The Search was Finally Over

Hello, I am glad that you have found this website, I truly am happy for you and I will tell you why.  You may not realize just how lucky you are to be here.

My name is Glenn and I searched for a website just like this one for a long time.  It amazes me, still to this day, that it took me so long to find something that today seems so easy to find.

For what seems like the longest time, I wanted to supplement my regular full time income with a business that was web based.  I was convinced that it was possible and I believed that I could figure it out.  But I needed help, I had no real knowledge of how the Internet actually worked and did not understand how to build an online business.

I searched for years and found nothing but pumped up promises and scams. I was frustrated and had spent a ton of money on things that simply did not work.

Then one day about 2 years ago, I started reading the website of a highly respected Niche Website Guru.  It was the first time I had heard of the term “Niche Website“.  I was fascinated by the concept of creating an online business using this type of website, so I kept reading.

The owner of the website offered an Insider Membership that would teach me the steps for building an online business, but at $750, I could not afford the price.  I was not discouraged though and I continued to search.  I also learned as much as I could and started to develop the vocabulary that would later allow me to conduct more thorough searches.

My Reason for Making this Happen

This is my family; I am a Manufacturing Manager and still conduct my online business in my spare time.  My goal is to develop a comfortable retirement for my wife and myself, so I continue to plan accordingly and will pursue Affiliate Marketing full time at some point in the future.

As you can imagine, I have a lot of responsibilities with three children, although 2 are out on their own now, and the youngest is just now heading to college.  My online business is a means to a healthy and wealthy retirement.

As I mentioned above, I have been in Manufacturing for over 30 years and although it has supported my family well throughout that time, I am ready to make it on my own.   I do not trust that the retirement we have accumulated over the years is going to support us to the level we are accustomed too.  So I set out to find a method of supplementing my retirement income, and what I found was much, much more.

Where it All Started

I started dabbling with computers at a very young age.  I can remember my father purchasing our first computer, a Texas Instruments TI 99-4A.

Now I am really showing my age.  Anyway, I cut my teeth on this puppy, but computer have never been much more than a hobby for me.  As I got older and eventually out on my own, I’ve purchased newer and faster computers and for a brief time started to teach myself the computer/internet language HTML.

It was at this time that I started to believe that building a website and making that website profitable was a real possibility.  I started just like everyone else, I tried to sell products on eBay and I eventually purchased a little website for $200 (those were 2005 dollars), the website was called “Coupian” and I had searched for months to find just the right website (so I thought). 

Coupian was a website that allowed the user to create his or her own coupons that could be redeemed through PayPal.  I thought the idea was brilliant and I went all in with my $200 investment, I was going to make it big time!  The only problem was, I had no idea how to get people to find my website and the website was costing me $25 per month to host (back then hosting was expensive).

So as you might imagine Coupian sat idle for a long time and occasionally someone would sign up and I would make $10 for the membership, eventually the domain and the hosting expired and the site was gone.

Coupian was only my first attempt at making my mark online, later I signed up to sell hosting and as you might imagine, I was faced with the same problem.  I could build the website, but I could not get anyone to visit.  Simply putting my website online was not going to be enough.

As the years went on I would search a little, read a little and for the most part I focused on my day job.

As you might expect, this provided me with two things.  One was a weekly paycheck, which I was extremely grateful for, and the other was  a monotonous life.  A life where I basically woke up five or six days a week, drove 45 minutes to work, put in my eight to ten hours and then drove home, spent a couple hours with the family and went to bed.  Week after week, after week, until I realized that this was not how I wanted the rest of my life to go.

I was convinced that there was a way to produce an online income and I was determined that I was going to figure it out.  I had read all of the success stories, I knew that you could purchase an established online business every day of the week (of course, I didn’t have the money for that) and I watched “other people” make money but I could not crack the code.

Then one day when I was sitting in my garage (smoking a cigarette, which I have since given up, thank God) I stumbled upon a website called Niche Pursuits owned by Spencer Haws. This was the first time I had ever seen the term “Niche Website”.  I was stunned, I really was.  I had been searching and searching for a decade and suddenly every thing I had dreamed of was laid out before me on this incredible website.

I could not stop reading, with every page I read there was another thing for me to learn, another challenge, another step to take toward my dream.  I was addicted to my own success for the first time in 15 years.  Everything that I had pieced together for a decade or more, finally came together and the path was crystal clear.

The problem was that Spencer and some of the other Gurus I found were a little too expensive for my budget.  I wanted desperately to get training, but the more I read the more expensive the prospect of starting a business got, until I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate.  There were two things that attracted me to WA right from the start, first the price was perfect for my budget and secondly the step-by-step training could be done at my pace.

I remember thinking that, I wouldn’t stop working until I was successful.  I figured I would stay up until deep into the night if necessary to make my dream come true.  And that’s exactly how it started.  And then within 4 months I hit the wall…..

It took me 2 months to realize that I was doing nothing to advance my business.  I had essentially given up on everything.  I’m not sure exactly what happened or what changed but for some reason, I just wasn’t motivated.  Until one day, I checked in on my website and something amazing had happened.  I was ranking in Google and I had daily visitors to my site.

The 4 months of work I had done prior to my hiatus, had paid off, and I instantly became angry with myself for stopping.  That is when I decided that the training really worked and that if continued on, instead of quitting like most, I could make this happen. So that’s what I did and the rest of the story is told inside the pages of this website.

My sincere hope is that you begin your journey, today.  Waiting until something happens for you is not going to get you anywhere.  The methods that I outline in the pages of this website will make you successful. They will provide you with a passive income that can support you and your entire family.  It is not a get rich quick scheme, it is not a scam and it is totally free to try.  As you read this website, you will learn that the path forward will require work, patience and perseverance, but then, anything worthwhile will.

My recommendation is to Get Started by Reading my 10 Quick Steps Post.






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