Can I Make Money Online?

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Can the Average Person Earn a Full Time Living Online?

This is the question we all want answered, correct?  Is it possible for me (average little ol’ me) to build a business and generate a full time income online?

In fact, not only is it possible, but I would venture to say that the odds are very high that you will succeed, If You are Willing to Do The Work.  I will also tell you that there are NO methods of gaining instant riches online.  The information within the pages of this website DO NOT teach a Get Rich Quick Scheme.

There is one very simple and effective method for creating an online income,

Provide Value = Website Visitors = Revenue.

It’s really not much more complicated than that and this method is proven time and time again.  It is being implemented right now by people who are no more skilled than you or me.

But it will not happen overnight and it will not come without some genuine effort on your part.  You will not see me pictured in front of the luxury car to the right  and you will not see me lounging by the pool in by backyard, because this is a my business and I consider myself a professional and you should too.

So, Can You Make Money Online?

This is where the average person needs to dig down and so some real soul searching.  If you want this bad enough, it can happen, it will happen.  I cannot stress enough that the odds are in your favor, If You are Willing to Do The Work.

The appeal of becoming location independent, free from punching a time clock and in complete control of your own income level, seems like a dream to most.  To earn enough money to take a stress free vacation every year or twice a year, or to put money aside for that dream car or home, just seems out of reach to many.  But it is Not and the only road block, the only barrier between you and a laptop lifestyle might be you.

The Only Thing between You and Your Dream,


How can I say this when I don’t even know you? Great Question, the basic answer is that I have witnessed people of all shapes an sizes, succeed at this business.  I have seen stay-at-home moms succeed at starting an online business, as well as college and high school students.  I have spoken to retired construction workers and bus drivers from Nigeria who generate a passive income entirely online and have quit their day jobs.

They all had just one thing in common.  At some point they decided to buckle down, learn the business and do the work that is required to make their dream come true.  And as I have mentioned many times, throughout this website, I too had searched for a training tool that would show me step-by-step how to get started and I finally found one that I could afford.

GET STARTED WITH $0, No Credit Card is Needed!

What does the Average Person Need to Succeed?

On average a person will need to improve one or more aspects of their current lifestyle to accommodate dream chasing.  And I will list a few items that you will need to succeed, if you have these skill or can work to obtain them, then we are in business.

Ability to write (creatively) – This is not an absolute must, but it will certainly prove valuable if you can do it.  I have seen many people succeed who could not write or just plain hated writing, but the alternative is to pay someone to write for you and we are usually looking for the most cost effective way to get started as beginners.

To put things in perspective, a newbie will want to write 1000 – 2000 word blog posts at a rate of 2 per week.  I can tell you that I personally struggled with this early on in my development.  It took me about 6 months of struggling until I was able to sit still long enough to crank out 500 words, and that is about where I am today.  Usually I will not allow myself to get out of my chair until I put 500 words on the page, then I take a break and get right back to it.

Creating content is very often one of the more significant challenge newbies face.  So if you are one of the lucky one’s and you can churn out content like a well oiled machine then “God Bless” and give me a call because I will pay you for your services.

Goal Setting Skills – This may not be as easy as it sounds, because the other side of goal setting is completing the work outlined within your goals.  I don’t have any trouble at all setting goals, but I do occasionally have difficulty meeting those goals.  This however is an endeavor that requires some strict goal setting and goal completion.

Developing a Plan – I’m going to give you a freebie on this one, because we are going to develop the plan together.  So you will not need “plan developing” skills of your own, but they may be helpful down the road a bit.  Once you and I have celebrated your success and you move on to bigger and better things, you will want to have a plan of your own.

Patience – Wow, is this a tough one.  Notice I did not put a question mark here, because it is not a question, it’s a statement.

Be Flexible – Or “Open your Mind”, if I can steal a line from the classic movie Total Recall.  Eventually you will need to change your 9-5 mentality, initially because you will need to put in additional hours to get your business up and running, while still maintaining an income.  And then eventually, because you will not have the “structure” that a 9-5 job provides you.

This may sound odd to at the moment, but believe me when I tell you that the the world is very distracting and when others know that you are “home” during the day, they cannot grasp the fact that you still have work to do growing your business, so you must remain focused.

What Objectives Should you Aim For to Make This Happen?

Develop Multiple Revenue Streams – One of the “traps” that the 9-5 offers is comfortability.   When you are an employee for a corporation, all you need to do to keep your job is to show up and turn in an above average performance for the day.  And quite honestly, unless you are a Brain Surgeon, a Rocket Scientist or the equivalent, you can screw up and typically only receive a warning of some sort.  When you are a business owner, your actions more immediately impact your income.  So how do you build comfortability into your own business?

Multiple Revenue Streams

There is no better place to generate multiple revenue streams than the internet.  Really, this is black and white folks, if the start up costs are low and the up-side is huge, then why not do it multiple times?  If you are anticipating going into Affiliate Marketing (which I recommend) then sell for multiple affiliates.  Perhaps you can try your hand at Affiliate Marketing while doing some Freelancing or Selling an Ebook.  The secret here is to create several different flows of income, that way if one of your sources dries up then the others can keep you afloat while you produce another revenue stream.

Create a Scalable Business – As mentioned above, once you figure out how to create an income online, there is no reason why you cannot do it again.  If you have one business that makes $500 per month and it took you 6 months to build, then I can create another that will be making $500 in 6 months, while my original continues to grow.  So in 1 year, I could possibly one business making $500/month and another making $1000/month.  And at this pace you could easily buy another website already making $500+/month.  And based on this scalability model, you will have an online business that is making over $3000 per month in 1.5 years.

I’ll Wrap Up, by saying this:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,

the second best time is Today!

Translation of an Old Chinese Proverb

Or better yet, ask yourself this question… “Where will I be 1 year from now?”

The chances are you will be very much like you are today, unless you act now.  There are two sorts of people, those who take action and those who consider taking action.  The title of this post is CAN I MAKE MONEY ONLINE?, and I answered the question by telling you that you are the only thing standing in your way.

Making money online is a very real possibility and the steps are laid out for you.  All you need to do is take action.

And If I am able to show you how to generate an income online, then I would hope that you and I could work together to enhance each others businesses.

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