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What is the Making Money Online Secret?

Many of you will be surprised when you read my response to the question above. And like always, I will not keep you in suspense while waiting for my answer.

The secret to making money online is to create a website that has value.

So there is the answer you have all been waiting for and I have the answers to your follow up questions as well, Here ya Go!

The REAL secret to starting an online business and working toward generating a full time income through websites is a thorough knowledge of the “how it works”, developing a plan to create your money making websites and then, last but not least, implementing that plan.  So to be perfectly honest, there is no big secret.  In fact, all that you need to know is laid out for you within the pages of this website.  Once again, so that we are all clear, the secret formula is:


The second part of the formula listed above is “Marketing your Creation”. So now that you have created a website that provides value to a certain group of people, then you will need to let the right people know that your website exists.  No one is going to visit your website unless they know it exists or they can find it while searching for answers.  But let’s not get too far off track here, we came to discuss “How do Websites Make Money?” and we answered that  question by saying, “Create a Website that has value.

The obvious answer to the “how to make money” question is to sell something or sell advertising and those are two perfectly acceptable answers, but the true wealth comes when you build traffic and earn revenue.  Let’s look at a few different types of websites and discuss the value of each:

Starter websites - Niche Website Newbie




The Starter Site: The starter website is a site that has been built but has no real traffic or revenue.  People make money selling starter website all day long and you can too, if you have the proper skills.  Most starter sites will already have some sort of “niche” theme, like fishing, golf or smart watches and likely have a small amount of content regarding the intended niche topic.

The starter website will typically include a registered domain name and be priced anywhere from $50 to $2,000.  The value of the site will depend greatly on the quality of the content and the potential of the niche.

Starter Site value: $50 – $2,000

The Sandbox Site:  This is  the next step up from a starter site, the sandbox site is a newer website that has some traffic and may even have some revenue.  But the “sandbox” site is still new and has not found a place in Google Search results yet.

Every successful affiliate marketer knows about the “sandbox” phase of a new website and works to shorten the length of the phase with every new site.  In the graphic below you can see the traffic for the initial 6 months of a website I created.  The increase in traffic beyond that initial 6 months is dramatic.  Now, I do not claim that the sandbox period is 6 months or that the sandbox period even exists, but in my experience, there will be very little growth in traffic for a brand new site in the first 6 months.

So what does that mean for our discussion?  Well, website sellers know that the value of a “well made” new site will increase with age and website buyers should know this as well.  My advice is to always consider the potential of a site that is 6 months to a year old and look for evidence of increased traffic during this period.


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Sandbox Site value: $500 – $10,000




The Established Site:  Now we are getting somewhere, the established website is likely over 1 year old and maybe even 2 years old or more.  This website has a history of traffic and a history of earning revenue.  Typically this site was created as a project which the owner either gave up on or got involved with something else.


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