How to Rank for a Keyword

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Introduction to Ranking for Keywords

As Newbies we will often rely on text book definitions to give us an idea of any particular topic and “ranking for keywords” will likely be no different. The primary focus of this article will not be keywords themselves, but ranking in search engines for these words/phrases.

This topic is FUNDEMENTAL to your success as a Niche Website Owner and an Affilaite Marketing Professional. If you are able to master the art of driving traffic to your website, you will have the keys to the kingdom. And I’m being totally serious here folks, learn this, study this, get really, really good at this.

What are Keywords?

Below I have listed the applicable definition from for “Keyword.  And honestly it’s pretty acurate.  In the world of Search Engines, a keyword is indeed a descriptive word used to retrieve infomration.  When an individaul types a “search term” into the search box of Google, that term is also known as a “keyword”.

“an informative word used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a document”

Now, here is the important part regarding keywords, they most commonly are not single words, but phrases.  Imagine yourself search for “ways to make an income online” using Google.  Are you like to type “money” or “how to make money online”, I’m going to guess the later.

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