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Is INBOX DOLLARS legit or a scam?

Inbox Dollars Review - Niche Website Newbie


Website Type: Survey Site
Legit or Scam: LEGIT
Earnings Potential: Low to Medium
Sign Up Score: 10
Initial Reaction Score: 10
How Quickly can I Earn Money? Score:10
Safety and Security Score: 2
Repeatability and Sustainability Score: 4
Entertainment Value Score: 8
Inbox Invasion Score: 5
Check is in the Mail Score: 5

Overall MMO Score: 7.0
(Average of Individual Scores)


Categories are scored 1 thru 10
Sign Up Score
Initial REaction Score
How Quickly can I Earn Money? Score
Safety and Security Score
Repeatability and Sustainability Score
Entertainment Value Score

Overall MMO Score – Average

Inbox Dollars: Number 1 Recommendation for Survey Sites

This is one of the Top Survey Sites we have reviewed. Of course it is important to remember that NWN is not the biggest fan of Survey Sites, but we do understand that different people have different needs, and we want to be as fair and comprehensive as we can.

Inbox Dollars Sign-Up Score: 10

Inbox Dollars Review - Niche Website NewbieInbox Dollars gets a big fat 10 with regard to ease of signing up.  It took me about 25 seconds to sign up for the program and I believe all it took was my name and email address, maybe my zip code.  It all happened so fast I can’t even remember and it is my job to remember.  Anyway there is an email verification step that I have not been able to finish, because I have not received the verification email.  I did ask Inbox Dollars to re-send the email and I still have not gotten one, I will keep you posted on that little glitch.

  • Activation email
  • Profile Survey (a bit lengthy)
  • Watch TV demo
  • Play Games demo
  • A How-To Video
  • Like Inbox Dollars on Facebook
  • Paid-Email Confirmation

The whole thing (minus the Paid-Email) took about 25 minutes to complete, so no great time lost there.  The Paid-Email is something I haven’t gotten at this point, as I like to write my reviews as I go, so expect an explanation about Paid-Emails later.

Initial Reaction Score: 10

I was very pleased with the general alyout and design of Inbox Dollars.  The website is well done and very appealing to the user.

How Quickly can I Earn Money? Score: 10

No doubt about this one, I was earning money within a few minutes of being on the site.  In fact I hadn’t even confirmed my email address yet and I had dollars in the bank.  Once I determined the error I was making with the email verification, I received my $5.00 bonus immediately and there was a $6.30 balance.  A couple more quick introductory surveys and I was just under $7.  I can tell you that it does provide some satisfaction to see real money being accumulated.

Inbox Dollars Review - Niche Website NewbieThe next step for me was to start looking for the “higher dollar” earning potential. My initial reaction is that this will take forever to earn any kind of real money as many of the surveys listed earn from $0.25 to $1.00 and take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to complete. If you do the math on that, you might be looking to earn $3.00 to $5.00 an hour and that is below minimum wage.

So to make this worth my time, I wanted to make a concerted effort to go for the larger dollar surveys and see if I could get that hourly rate up to $10 per hour. If so, this might be something worth pursuing a bit further.

This is where things took a for the worse!

Safety and Security Score: 2

Inbox Dollars Security - Niche Website newbieTwo factors became apparent to me rather quickly.  Most importantly, I started to receive trojan alerts from my Malware protection. The survey “redirects” seemed to be taking me to less than savory webpages.  I was surprised by this because I assumed that a reputable website would be free from any form of spyware or malware.  Now I will admit that my software may have perceived the surveys as harmful, when they are not, but the nex occurrences was a little more scary.

While completing a survey I was redirected to a screen that said “You’re Account has Been Suspended”.  On this occurrence, my software had nothing to do with the error, so I considered this to be more serious than the other incidents.  Keep in mind that all of this has happened within the first two days of using the website.  I immediately “Googled: Inbox Dollars Malware” and was taken to a 6 Tips to Keep Your Data Safe written by none other than Inbox Dollars themselves.

In short, the website made me feel uncomfortable with respect to the security and safety of my computer.  I certainly felt like I was being asked to sign up for things I do not need or do not want in order to get a few pennies in return.  And many of the surveys that I took resulted in warnings from my malware protecion.  I had not concidered that problem with this website, but it was common.

Repeatability and Sustainability Score: 4

Inbox Dollars Review - Niche Website Newbie

For those who are not familiar, I try to consider how sustainable the income would be for any given source.  If you are looking to earn a few extra dollars, you will want something that is repeatable.  In other words, I don’t want to get involved with something that is here today and gone tomorrow, so I give each review a Repeatability and Sustainability Score.

Somehow I’m Not Qualified to take a Survey

Another obstacle that I quickly found with Inbox Dollars is that you will not qualify to take every survey.  Many of the surveys have “qualification” questions which determine if you meet the criteria for taking the survey and providing valuable responses.

My thought son this are simple, if you are trying to make pennies per hour, you cannot be slowed down by answering questions that are giving you nothing in return.  I can understand the principle behind asking the “qualifying” questions, but I felt like they should reward you in some way for going through the qulaification process.

Entertainment Value Score: 8

Hey, no one said we couldn’t have a little fun while we earn some cash.  I have always said your should love what you do for a living.  With that said, there does seem to be quite a few “FUN” things on Inobx Dollars.

Any website with “Games” in the menu can’t all that bad, right?  I must admit I was a bit disappointed when I learned that you do not earn money for playing the games, because that is one MMO opportunity that I could get behind.  Seriously though, the website does offer a few distractions and that is exactly what I found them to be, nothing more than an opportunity to do something other than make money, which is why I was on the website to begin with.

Inbox Invasion Score: 5

Our next score is called the “Inbox Invasion Score”, this give you an indication of the impact joining Inbox Dollars will have on your inbox.  One cleaver move would be to establish a seperate email from your personal email for this type of project.  I’ve done this by creating and using an @nichewebsitenewbie email that I use for nothing other than Survey Site memberships.  Another popular method would be to create a gmail account and a gmail email address for this purpose.

It should be obvious that with a name like Inbox Dollars that your inbox will be impacted by your Inbox Dollars membership.  I have given the site a 5 for the Inbox Invasion Score, becuase the site sends more emails than any of the other sites that I have joined.  However, once again, they do not hide the fact that this will happen, so I have to give them props for that.

Check is in the Mail Score: 5

My “Check is in the Mail Score” gives you an indication of how likely you are to complete enough work on any given money making opportunity to receive an actual check in the mail.

When I review an opportunity, I give the opportunity every chance to succeed, within reason. It sure does help when your efforts are rewarded with cash, even when you are simply review a website for its money making potential.

The $30.00 payout threshold is rather low, so I felt that I could achieve that rather quickly. But as I started to work my way through the surveys I found that the threshold may be tougher to reach than originally thought. The lower priced surveys are the easiest and quickest to complete, but they take a while to add up and the longer surveys get quite personal so the comfort level is a factor.

The real money ($5 to $10 per) comes when you actually sign up for programs, like Uber or Investment Plans. But of course these things require detailed personal information and in some cases actually cost money. I did not sign up for Inbox Dollars to spend money, I joined to make money and I certainly do not want to join every program known to human kind.

I found that if I wanted to ever get to the payout threshold for this program, I was going to need to do things I didn’t want to do.  And I was not at all comfortable with entering personal data, for example, on investment program called Stash had a $10 reward, but required me to enter my social security number and banking information.  I’m just not into that.

I will continue to work with Inbox Dollars, to ensure that I have given them a fair shake, but I doubt that I will ever see money from them.

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