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What is All This About Keyword Research Anyway?

There are two constants with respect to owning an online business the first is Content Creation and the second is keyword research. Remember from the “START HERE” page, you can create the best content on the internet, but it will do no one any good, if they cannot find it. There are over 644,000,000 websites on the internet and the best way to make sure yours is found is keyword research and the best tool for researching keywords is Jaaxy.

Quick refresher on keywords – A keyword is a word or phrase that people will use, generally in a Search Engine, that produces the most relevant website for that particular word or phrase.

This might be a good time for us to discuss another interesting aspect of keywords and keyword research. As we discuss in Creating Keyword Rich Content for a Niche Website, you want to use keywords when you create your content (without over doing any one keyword) and you should target specific keywords. But what you might find interesting is that search engines may believe that the keywords relevant to your content are not the words you intended. Well talk more about this soon.

What keywords should I use? – In our article about creating keyword rich content we discussed creating a list of words that you may think someone will search for to find your website. The example we used was “Best Stethoscopes” for a website containing medical accessories.

Once you have created a list of 25 to 50 keywords, you can start to do research to determine which of these keywords will give you the best benefit and bring your website the most traffic. Now a logical person might think that the best keywords to use are the most searched for keywords, but that is simply not the case and I’ll tell you why.

The most searched for word on Google is FACEBOOK, can you imagine that?

The third most searched for word on Google is Google, interesting?

If we scan down the list of most searched for terms on Google, we find that the word “restaurant” is the 114th most searched for word, wouldn’t it be a good idea to make “restaurant” one of our keywords? NO.

As you can imagine “restaurant” is one of the more competitive keywords on the internet. A quick search of the word “restaurant” produces over 4.5 billion results, that’s billion with a “B”.

You simply DO NOT want to be competing with over 4.5 billion other websites for a share of the first page of Google. Now I’m typically not one to shy away from a little competition, but that’s just ridiculous.

You can start to see that there is a happy medium with respect to keywords. You don’t want to use highly competitive keywords, but you don’t want to use words that no one will ever search for either. As an example, I might not want to use the keyword “rusty stethoscope” to promote my medical accessories website. But come to find out the term “rusty stethoscope” produced 402,000 results in Google and is actually a Special Item in the game Resident Evil, who knew?

However, a quick search in Jaaxy, my favorite keyword research tool, shows that fewer than 10 people on any give month will search for the term, so it looks like “rusty stethoscope” will not make me rich.

How Much Competition is Too Much Competition?

Awesome question; but a bit difficult to answer. So to simplify things, most keyword research tools will create some type of ranking system to compare one keyword to another. For example, Jaaxy uses an SEO Score to calculate the level of competition for any given keyword. This SEO Score ranges from 1 to 100 and the higher the score the more likely you are to rank for the selected word or phrase.

Jaaxy combines traffic and competition to calculate it’s SEO Score, but also give you a nubmer called QSR, this number is the exact number of competing websites that are currently ranked for your keyword. QSR is an acronym for Quoted Search Results, in case you were wondering.


The “No Keyword” approach to Creating Content

There are many Affiliate Marketing Gurus that will advise a newbie to not focus so much on keywords.  The primary reason for this suggestion is that newbies often focus too much on keywords when creating content.  This can often make the content awkward and disjointed.  I take a middle of the road approach when crating content.

Listen, here is the best advise I can give you with respect to creating keyword rich content, just write naturally and the keywords will find themselves.  Now I know that’s not exactly the way this works for us newbies, but as you start to get better at creating content you will understand the point I am trying to make.

Start with a single keyword or phrase, incorporate the word or phrase into the title and the the first 100 words of your post.  Then just complete the article and post it.  As we have discussed every article should be a minimum of 1000 words and  preferable over 2000 words.

Trust me when I tell you that when I started, I had difficulty getting to 1000 words, really, really struggled.  Today I start typing and I’m 1500 words in before I realize it and I’m only half done the article.  What is my secret?  I just type naturally, as if I was talking to someone and when I’m done I go back and edit a bit, but the words just pour out.

Ask Google what it Thinks of Your Website

There are many keyword tools available for you to purchase and Jaaxy has a Pro Version which will cost about $19 per month and a Enterprise Version which will cost about $50 per month.  I do not recommend that you upgrade to the paid versions, until you fully understand how to utilize the information that those version provide you.

Don’t get me wrong, the information in the paid version is invaluable, but as a newbie, you will want to learn how to use the information before you pay for it.

Top Mistake Newbies Make: Paying for things they don’t know how to use.

So what do we do during our learning phase?  We utilize all the FREE information that is available to us, including the free version of Jaaxy.  But perhaps more importantly at this phase of our business, we ask Goggle.

Introduction to Google Analytics: You are going to want to set up Google Analytics on your website.

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