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How to find Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

I will admit that Niche Website Newbie is designed for the entrepreneur who wants to establish him/herself on the web.  I would not recommend attempting to start a niche website or affilaite marketing website to anyone who wishes to make a little extra money on the side.  Frankly the work invovled with getting any sort of traction with a brand new website is significant.  And as I have pointed out several times, the process does take 6 months to a year and perhaps even more to see substantial results.

The point I am trying to make is that Affilaite Marketing is not for everyone.  The methods that we teach are designed for individuals who wish to create a meaningful, potentially full time income in a passive way and that takes time and effort.  Many people who contact us, however, are looking to generate money in a quick and easy fashion and Affilaite Marketing is neither fast nor easy.  So are there legitimate ways to earn a quick buck on the internet?  The answer is yes, but once again, there are a lot of scams out there that you should be wary of.

Welcome to the Making Money Online Review Section of our Website.

As we have mentioned Affilaite Marketing takes time and some of us just cannot wait for the money to start rolling in, so we look for the quicker and easier methods of erning an online income.

Niche Website Newbie Scoring System

Initial Reaction Score: The first score Niche Website Newbie gives to any given website is the Initial Reaction Score.

Sign-Up Score: 10

Initial Reaction Score: 8

How Quickly can I Earn Money? Score: 10

Safety and Security Score: 2

Repeatability and Sustainability Score: 4

Entertainment Value Score: 8

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