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Hello Niche Website Newbie,

Finding the right formula for making an honest attempt to earn real money online is amazingly difficult.  I know, because I spent the better part of 10 years searching for answers and getting sucked into every scam imaginable.  Fortunately, I have a short memory and continued to struggle until I found the one formula that really does work and I hope you will allow me to show you as well.

First, understand that the formula we are going to discuss in this website is NO BIG SECRET, and I am somewhat amazed that it took me over 10 years to find it, but it did.  I guess the internet is a huge place and you really need to know what you are looking for.  And it wasn’t until I started researching Niche Websites, that I found the answer.

I truly wish I had found this website 15 years ago, my advise to you is:

Get Started on Your Business Today!

This website will teach you a proven method of Earning an Income Online!

Honestly, it is all about getting the proper training.  Learning how websites, specifically niche websites work, how they attract visitors and convert those visitors into customers.  You will need to first learn to create a website, and then how to optimize the website so that it attracts visitors.  As I mentioned above, none of this is some closely guarded secret, but finding the best learning tool is the big challenge.

The tool I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate and of course I will provide a great deal of information within the pages of this website to get you started.  Joining Wealthy Affiliate is totally free, so you can sign up and check things out without any fear of getting scammed.  I will be around to personally coach you, once you are inside so ask lots of questions.

As a reward for reading this far, I want to make you a few promises.

1. I will keep the information on this website basic.

Let’s say beginner to intermediate level.

2. I will personally coach you toward success, day by day, if necessary.

  And when you’re successful, we will celebrate.

3. You can earn a full time income doing what I will teach you.

The only obstacle is you.

For a while now, I have truly believed that I could succeed in making a living online.  I thought that all I needed was someone to teach me.  I will never forget the frustration of having the desire and the drive but not knowing the correct path.  This is what motivates me to help others succeed.

I kept thinking that, if someone would show me how to earn money on the internet, that I would be forever grateful and do what ever was necessary to build a business.  Well, I found the perfect starting point and so have you.

I can show you how, and you can get started absolutely FREE.

So why did I feel so strongly about this? Why did I think that the internet was the way to be successful?

  • One, the internet gives you access to millions upon millions of people.
  • Two, if you can inspire a million people to pay you $1, well you do the math.

Now I don’t mean to over simplify this, but there is no other way to explain the theory behind creating a niche website.  The principle that I have just described to you is sound.  Do it right and Do it often!

Keep reading and I will show you how to create a website, monetize your website (Caution: Advanced website word) and I will teach you how to get millions of people to visit your website.

I sure hope you are asking yourself how much this is going to cost you????

Because that is what I would be asking.  But let’s talk a little bit more about me.

I tried so many different things, from selling stuff on eBay to buying a established websites.  I tried buying bulk items and selling them at discount prices and I tried buying up domain names for resale.  I even built a few websites for friends and charged them between $50 to $150 for a one to four page site.

Earn Money Online with Wealthy AffiliateAnd although, I made a few bucks here and there, I realized pretty quickly that none of these methods were going to work for me long term.  I realized that the effort was not worth the reward, that my income per hour was just pennies. Ouch!

Don’t get me wrong, I know that people make money selling stuff on eBay all the time. I even have a few friends that have done quite well selling stuff on eBay. But I just wasn’t willing to do some of the things they did to make that happen. I wasn’t going to wake up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday and try to bet the “professional” yard sale buyers to the deals. It just wasn’t for me. So I knew I had to try something else.

So what’s the answer then… Yea, you already know… A Niche Website is the answer.

Now here we are 570 words into this article and I have just given you the secret to changing your life forever.  Let that sink in for a moment… Change the course of your life, Now!

Still skeptical? I don’t blame you, I would be skeptical too and I will tell you why.  Because there are a lot of scams out there.  I have fallen for a few of them myself.  So now, let me make you a few more promises:

1. I will give you all the information you need to be successful. For FREE.

2. I will teach you how to recognize a scam.  And trust me they are often hard to spot.

3. I will suggest that you spend money.  But I will show you how to spend it wisely.

Affiliate Marketing ScamsCan we talk a minute about SCAMS?  There are thousands and thousands of scams waiting for you on the internet. Just as an example, when you receive an email stating that some Government Agency has issued a warrant for your arrest, and unless you send $100 cash to the following PO Box, you will certainly go to jail, that is a SCAM.  When there is not a sliver of truth to what you are reading or hearing then you can rest assured that its a SCAM.

Now if someone tells you that you can make $10,000 on the internet in just 90 days….. Well, that is certainly far fetched and highly improbable, but it is not impossible.  So is that a SCAM?

I think many of us would conclude that YES, That is a SCAM.  Now let’s say that someone tells you that buying his or her course will teach you how to make $10,000 on the internet in next year and to join all you need to do is pay $1,200 for their three month training program? Now, this is a tough one, because the course may legitimately teach you how to make 10K online in the span of one year.  However the seller has no idea how much experience you have or how hard you are willing to work.  So to make claims about income and time frames is at the very least, misleading.

We will talk more about scams, but I will tell you this, I am very hesitant to call anyone’s program a scam.  I feel that unless I have purchased the program, read it thoroughly and followed the training letter for letter, I am not capable of judging fairly and I certainly cannot prove that it will not work.  However, I also feel strongly that the average person can develop an online presence, can build an informative website and in a short period of time, turn a profit with that website. I have proven to myself that given the proper training, an average person can eventually grow a single website into a full time business and the process does not need to be expensive.

Let’s recap what we have talked about in this article.  I am going to assume that you are new to the Internet Marketing world and that you have an interest in making some money with a presence on the world wide web.  If that is the case then you are in the correct place.  I will guide you on a path that will show you hundreds of ways that this can be accomplished.  I will coach you when you need coaching and I will answer any questions you may have along the way.

I will do my best to show you where your hard earned money might be spent if you choose to seek additional guidance or training and I will teach you how websites work, how they earn money and how you can build a business that gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want.  Please continue reading and I hope we can work together to become successful.

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