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Are Survey Sites a Scam?

Survey Junkie Reveiw - Niche Website Newbie

A Fair and Honest Review of Survey Junkie

Next in our series of reviews regarding Survey Sites is Survey Junkie.  The question I ask myself whenever I am reviewing a money making opportunity is: “Is it worth my time?” And I have mentioned that I simply do not believe that Survey Sites are a good source for time well spent.  Now, I will say that not everyone’s situation is the same.  So where one person may be looking to invest some time and effort toward establishing an online presence, another person may be looking to make ends meet on a week to week basis.

And as you know, I have a basic philosophy “If you are not making it, You are spending it!”, so the question is “Can you make it with Survey Junkie?” and I believe the answer is YES.  The question of whether Survey Junkie is the best Survey Site to work with though, is a completely different question.  So let’s explore what makes Survey Junkie a challenger for the top spot.


Website Type: Survey Site
Legit or Scam: LEGIT
Earnings Potential: Low to Medium
Sign Up Score: 10
Initial Reaction Score: 8
How Quickly can I Earn Money? Score: 10
Safety and Security Score: 6
Repeatability and Sustainability Score: 2
Entertainment Value Score: 4

Overall MMO Score: 


Categories are scored 1 thru 10
Sign Up Score
Initial Reaction Score
How Quickly can I Earn Money? Score
Safety and Security Score
Repeatability and Sustainability Score
Entertainment Value Score

Overall MMO Score – Average

Survey Junkie Login - Survey Site ReviewSign Up score: 10

Much like some other top 10 survey sites, the sign up for Survey Junkie is quick and painless.  There will be an email verification step and other than that it is rather generic.  Once you are singed up and logged in though, the website kind of leaves you hanging.  If I were not familiar with Survey Sites, I could see where the newbie might be a bit confused.  Now with that said, they do get right to business, the Survey Junkie main screen is all about surveys.

Initial Reaction Score: 8

There is only one reason why I have chosen to give Survey Junkie an 8 for Initial Reaction and that is the point system. I don’t have much experience with the point system, so I wasn’t quite prepared for that, otherwise I would likely have gone to 9 on Initial Reaction for Survey Junkie.

My initial reaction was positive, but I would have to say it didn’t last very long.  I had started to become disenchanted with the site before the end of my first day and we will talk about that soon.

How quickly can I Earn Money? Score: 10

I was encouraged to see that the “Cash Out” total was only $10.  Like I have said ten bucks is ten bucks and I am sure that many of my readers would take a quick $10 at this moment, so I was glad to see that you can get your money faster with Survey Junkie.  But as you might expect, everything is relative, so if you have a lower cash out, the question you have to ask yourself is :How long will it take me to get there?”

The point system did not take very long to figure out, the point directly correspond to pennies, so 550 points equals $5.50.  The overwhelming majority of the surveys are worth less than 100 points ($1.00) and the large majority of them are worth less than 50 points.  A quick glance indicates that a 40 point survey will take about 15 minutes, so we are looking at about $2.00 per hour.

The very low rate of earning an income is the most significant reason that I do not recommend Survey Sites.  In my opinion Survey Sites are the exact opposite of a passive income, while it may meet the criteria of a laptop life style, it requires a direct connection between effort and income.


Safety and Security Score: 9

After about a week of using the site infrequently, I have not seen any reason to be concerned about the Safety and Security of Survey Junkie. There have been many security alerts with other Survey Sites, this (so far) has not been the case with Survey Junkie.

Repeatability and Sustainability Score: 2

Entertainment Value Score: 4


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