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What Stands between You and Success?

During this article we will attempt to be honest with ourselves.  As I have mentioned several times throughout this website that the only obstacle that you are guaranteed to face in your quest for an internet based income, is YOU.  Believe me, this is not some sales pitch, this is not a motivational article, this is us getting real with ourselves and determining if we are cut out to give this whole idea of generating a full time online income a legitimate effort.

TRUTH NUMBER 1: Building and Online Business takes Time and Effort

Building an Online Business takes time and effortTimeframe for seeing results – The first thing we want to discuss is the time frame in which we expect to see results.  I highly recommend that you prepare for a full year of hard work, before you can expect to see any significant results.  If you are reading this article in the hopes of generating a full time income in the course of the next month, you are in the WRONG PLACE.

Below, I am going to outline my expectations for a “brand new” Affiliate Marketing website.

  • First Month – Niche Selection, Purchase Domain name, Website Creation, Keyword Research, Content creation (5 – 10 posts)
  • Second Month – Establish Social Media presence, Set up analytics, Select Affiliates, Content Creation (5 – 10 articles)
  • Third Month – Implement Affiliate Links, Build Social Media Presence, Develop Link Building Plan, Content Creation (5 – 10 articles)
  • Fourth Month – Evaluate Keyword Research and Adjust, Narrow your Social Media Focus, Begin Link Building, Content Creation (5 – 10 articles)
  • Fifth Month – Go heavy on building social media traffic,  Evaluate your Analytics, Seek to generate Organic Traffic, Content Creation (5 – 10 articles)
  • Sixth Month – Expect some building traffic, Continue link building, Consider Guest Posts, Content Creation (15 – 20 articles for 6th and 7th months)
  • Seventh MonthPotential for initial Sales
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This is certainly not a comprehensive plan for the first six months of your business, but it is a really, really great start and honestly if you were to accomplish all of the tasks on this outline, you would have the foundation for a successful business.   But the important factor here, is that I am not expecting to see any type of sales for the first 6 months of building my business.  Now, is it possible, Yes, but the first six months should be spent developing content and building traffic.

You can start to see now that this process is not for those who are in a hurry to make money.  It is perfect for someone who has an income, can afford to invest $600 – $1000 over the course of the next year/18 months and is willing to put in some serious work during that time.

Patience and the willingness to fail (temporarily) – What on earth do I mean by that?  Very simple, there will be some trial and error associated with starting your own business and we have already discussed the fact that this process is going to take time. so, patience will be a huge asset during the initial year and you need to be willing to try some things that might not work right away or work at all.  For example, if you believe that advertising on Facebook is the answer and you give it a try, then latter learn that Facebook did not produce results, you will need to try something else, perhaps Pinterest.

Be prepared for trial and error when starting an online businessIn addition, building traffic is a slow process.  There are theories that Search Engines don’t even pay much attention to you in the first six months, it’s called the “The Search Engine Sandbox” and I talk about in “10 Reasons Your Website is Failing”.

The point here is that traffic does grow slowly at first, but there is an exponential growth spurt that comes with time and is a beautiful site to behold, I can tell you that.  But the only mindset that will get you there is patience and perseverance.

TRUTH NUMBER 2: Building and Online Business will cost money

We are exploring “plain truths” here and sometimes the truth is not what we want to hear.  Very often I am approached by people who are struggling and are looking for a quick way to resolve their problems, this is not the solution to short term financial issues.

The truth is that starting an online business will cost money.  I have mentioned many, many times throughout this website that you will need to invest about $600 to $1000 over the course of the first year to year and a half to make a concerted effort.

The good news is that the amount of your investment can very easily be spread out over the course of the year.  So let’s revise my statement to read, you will need to invest $50 to $100 per month.

First and foremost I am going to recommend that you invest in a training course and there are many on the internet.  The course (actually I should say community) that I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.  And a Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate will cost $49 per month, if purchased at the highest rate (monthly).

If the only money you spend on creating an online business is the $49 monthly Premium Membership fee at Wealthy Affiliate, then you will have everything you need to create, maintain and grow an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate, My Number One Recommended Affiliate Marketing Training Resource

You do not need to trust me, you can sign up for and use Wealthy Affiliate for FREE, but be aware that the free membership has certain limits on access to services typically reserved for paid members.  For example the Starter Membership limits access to live support to 7 days, so it’s best to prepare a 7 day window to give the training platform a fair shake.

What else do I Need to Spend Money on?

Building an online business will cost moneyThere is no reason for me to deceive you, in fact, I sincerely want to work with you for many years to come.  And the only way that is going to happen is if I gain your trust.  So deceiving you would defeat the purpose of trying to build a team of like-minded people that will help each other succeed.

As I mentioned above, I highly recommend that you enroll in some form of training, this is going to accelerate the learning curve dramatically.  And if you take my advise and enroll in WA, then you may have a few bucks left over in your business budget to get additional help.  Here are a few options:

Paid Ads on Social Media to build Traffic:  Remember traffic is the name of the game here and we will do everything in our power to teach you to attract traffic organically.  But, there is no harm in helping things along when possible.  Here are a few options for

Paid ads on Social Media to generate traffic: We will do everything in our power to teach you the fine art of generating organic traffic, but there is no harm in accelerating the process through paid means.  But please keep one thing in mind, these should be low cost, brief and considered a learning experience until we get better at it.

TRUTH NUMBER 3: Create Helpful Content and You will Attract Visitors

Imagine that you are the only person on the planet that was interested in your intended niche.  Imagine that you were one of a kind, no one else on the planet like you.  Hard to imagine isn’t it.

My point is that there are going to be thousands of people that are interested in your niche and I don’t care what your niche is about. Let’s say  that your niche is collecting acorns.  Just so you know, I picked that niche straight out of darkest reaches of my brain.  And when I Googled it, I found websites, YouTube videos and books on the subject.

Pick any Niche for your website, like collecting acorns

Now, I haven’t done this yet, but I am going to do some quick research on the keyword “collecting acorns” and we will see what we get.  Now as I mentioned,  I have not done this.  So I will predict that fewer than 10 people per month search Google for that keyword phrase, Let’s see:


With some quick Keyword Research, I found that, on average 64 people per month search for the term “collecting acorns” and if you are one of those interested in collecting acorns, there are websites, You Tube videos and even books about the topic.

The point here is that you can create an online business around just about any subject.  And as long as there is a good product that you can sell along with your niche, there will be people who will buy from you.

The absolute bonafide truth is that if you are willing to put Truth Number 1 and Truth Number 2 to the test, then you will be successful with your online business.

All that it takes is commitment, patience and some genuine effort.

The prize is right there for the taking. Practically everyone that I have seen give this a true effort, has been successful.  When you commit 1 year to 18 months of focus and energy, you will see results.  Results in the form of traffic, results in the form of income and results that will drive you toward your ultimate goal, a full time online business.

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