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Wealthy Affiliate: My # 1 Recommendation

We are going to get into quite a bit of detail regarding why Wealthy Affiliate is my recommendation for an Affiliate Marketing Training Course.  But I  am going to start with two reasons that are just plain common sense:

  • You can Try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE
  • Wealthy Affiliate Premium is Simply an Unbeatable Value

If you are interested in giving Wealthy Affiliate a try, I recommend that you read the following information first.

  • The free STARTER PLAN offers 7 days of “live support” and “1-on-1 Coaching”
  • The starter plan allows you to create 2 websites for FREE
  • The free plan includes the First 10 Training Lessons

The reason I’m bringing this to your attention is that I want you to be prepared to hit the ground running when you sign up.  If you are going to evaluate Wealth Affiliate then you should be prepared to make the most of your first 7 days.

What You can Expect From Wealthy Affiliate

One of the best features of WA and one that I did not learn about until I was a member, is the community.

Wealthy Affiliate is designed to be a group of like-minded people who are encouraged to help and support one another.  Thousands of people who are working on various stages of developing a online business.

When I started my search for a mentor, for someone who was willing to guide me, I thought my search was pointless.  Then I found WA and not only did I find a mentor, but I found an entire community of people who were each willing to help and inspire.

Members of WA have the ability to create training based on their own experience, share methods that they themselves have found to be successful and some even create blueprints for success.

I must admit that I do not spend as much time building connections through Wealthy Affiliate as I should.  I tend to spend more time working on my actual business and I’m sure that there are networking opportunities that I am missing.

Wealthy Affiliate hosts a live chat 24 hours a day where more experienced members of the community respond to questions that newer members submit.  Very often you can receive several different views on a given subject.

The diversity of the WA community is another helpful feature.  You can gain perspective from Affiliate Marketers around the world.  Practically every corner of the globe is represented and will help you expand your business when the time is right.

Try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE

You are invited to try WA for Free.  And there is No Need to Enter a Credit Card when you sign up for the FREE membership.  Just give it a try and read through the first 10 lessons of the Affiliate Marketing Training.  Absolutely no obligation to join, but before you know it you will have your very first website up and running.

Compare the STARTER Membership with The Premium Membership

Two FREE Websites to get You Started

I cannot imagine what my life would have been like 15 years ago, if I had found this deal back then.  And as I have mentioned in more than a few posts, it still amazes me to this day that I could not find Wealthy Affiliate.  I promise you it was not for lack of trying.  Oh well, we are here now and you have the opportunity that I wish I had 15 years ago when I first started with my online journey.

Let’s look at what you have available for free:

2 Fully Functional Websites – You can create 2 websites that are hosted on SiteRubix servers.  Every starter member can own, build and maintain these websites while they practice their skills.   If you are a novice or have no experience at all, this is the best place for you to prove that you CAN indeed build a website.

And best of ALL, I will be there to help you every step of the way

Live Support and 1-on-1 Coaching – This is the feature of Wealthy Affiliate that cannot be beat.  Once you start your journey on WA, you will be assigned a 1-on-1 coach and if you sign up through this website, I will be your personal coach.  I will guide you through any questions you may have and I can get you through the more difficult challenges.  Wealthy Affiliate offers a site support team to help with any technical issues you may experience and as always the WA community is eager to assist.

Live Chat – One of the more interesting things offered by Wealthy Affiliate is “LIVE CHAT”, with Live Chat you can ask a question and get an immediate response, very often from multiple sources.  Wealthy Affiliate senior members are always monitoring Live Chat and you can often find Kyle, stopping by from time to time.

This seems like a good opportunity to make an important point, the members of Wealthy Affiliate are actually succeeding at creating online businesses.  All of the information you need is within the pages of this website and there is a team of like-minded people eager to help you become a success.  If that is not worth $50 per month, I’m not sure what would be.  This is the reason that you will hear me say “The only obstacle to your success is YOU”.  You will need to make the decision to GET STARTED, getting stated is FREE, so money is not an obstacle.  The training is there for the taking, so lack of knowledge is not an obstacle.  I will personally guide you, so help is not an obstacle… What then is the obstacle?

Step By Step Training at Wealthy Affiliate

Arguably the best feature include with a Wealthy Affiliate Membership is the step-by-step, move at your own pace Affiliate Marketing Training.  When you sing up for a FREE MEMBERSHIP with Wealthy Affiliate you will have access to the first 10 lessons of the program.  Below is a screen shot of the Training Modules.

As you progress through these 10 Lessons you will accomplish the following: Understanding how to Make Money Online, Picking a Niche, Build your First Niche Website, Optimize your First Website for Search Engines and Start Creating Content. And we have learned within the pages of Nichewebsitenewbie.com that these subjects are the foundation for a successful online business.

Here is how the lessons are laid out:

wealthy affilaiteWhat’s included in Lesson 1: Your first lesson is essentially an Introduction to the Wealthy affiliate Community and a guide for developing the proper mindset.  Make no mistake, we are not here to deceive you, this can be challenging for some people, but we are here to help and you will need to be committed to success.

What’s included in Lesson 2: For your second lesson, you will focus on the process for making money online.  Please do not gloss over this section.  I need you to be aware that this formula for success should be burned into your brain.  I understand that you will not fully see why, at the beginning, but as you gain experience this will become much clearer to you.  Read this lesson twice and take your time with it.

What’s included in Lesson 3: Selecting your Niche… OK, this is where the rubber meets the road.  And I have seen dozens of people get stuck on this lesson.  So I want you to read a few tips I have for getting through Lesson 3 with some sanity left:

  • Learn First / Profit Later: Keep in mind that you are a newbie and you are here to learn.  Once you master the “ART” of driving traffic to a website, then you can start to build your empire.
  • This will not be your last Website: Chances are you will create many websites.  Remember, this opportunity is scalable, so if you want to be truly successful you will need to repeat steps 1 through 10 often.
  • Failure is Always an Option: I know this is the last thing you want to hear, BUT… Not everything you try is going to work.  Trial and error will tell you what drives traffic and what does not.

What’s included in Lesson 4: So if you thought Picking your First Niche was challenging, wait till you search for your first WordPress Theme.  Here is another detour, “What od I want my website to look like?”.  Once again, my advice is simple, it just doesn’t matter that much.  Start with a simple, non-complicated WordPress theme and build as you go. It’s that simple.

Another piece of advise for this lesson is to follow the instruction to the letter and do not skip over a single instruction.  The steps you will take in this lesson will build the foundation for your websites structure, so these steps are very important.

What’s included in Lesson 5 and 6: In the next two lesson you are going to begin the optimization process.  You will be activating and installing plugins and adding some critical search engine optimization information.  Once you start to get familiar with the back admin pages of WordPress, the general ease of controlling your own website will start to come into focus.  This may be a time when you will need to lean on your Personal Coach (ME) to get you through the learning curve.  Ask lots of questions.

Wealthy Affilaite Site ContentWhat’s included in Lesson 7: This lesson transitions nicely from programming your website to adding content, which is the life blood of the website. The lesson will talk you through adding some critical pages to your brand new website and then creating your initial content.  You will be introduced to the Site Content section of the Wealthy Affiliate program, which in my opinion is one of the best tools for organizing content that I have found on the internet.

Just like each of the lessons before, Kyle will walk you through the process of using Site Content and give you real life examples of the content he uses and how to publish the content to your own website.  From this point forward, your job will be to continue creating helpful content and wait for the search engines to find you.  This is where you will experience for the first time, the awesome feeling of being “INDEXED” by Google.  I can tell you that it is an energizing feeling to know that the internet has found your website.

What’s included in Lesson 8: In this lesson you will spend some more time in the back office of your WordPress website.  Kyle will guide you through the process of creating menus for your visitors to easily find and navigate through the content on your website.  And as I explain in Reason Number 5 of the article “10 Reasons your Website is Failing”, the design and the flow of your site is critical for search engines, click thru rates and visitor comfort.

Learning the “admin” controls for WordPress will give you the ability to mold your website into any design you prefer.  It may be a challenge for anyone who has little to no experience with WordPress, but that is what I am here for.  Do not let lack of experience stop you from taking this journey, I promise you we will get through this together.

What’s include in Lesson 9: Get ready to explore the world of keywords.  If you think logically about the process you are learning, you have selected a topic (niche), you have created a website and filled it with content and now it is time to help visitors find you on the internet and the way you do that is keywords.  To learn more about keywords read there articles:

Creating Keyword Rich Content for a Niche Website

How to Get Organic Traffic

As you will learn, a key word can be a single word or a phrase including several words.  And the keyword is part of your content intended to be the search phrase that visitors will use in a search engine to find your website.  Lesson 9 of the Wealthy Affiliate starter training will give you and in-depth explanation for using keywords and give you an introductory view of keyword research.

What’s include in Lesson 10: At this point in your training, you should have a firm foundation for a profitable business.  However, that does not mean that there is not still a lot to learn.  Lesson 10 will prepare you for the next steps and give you an inside look at the benefits of Premium Membership.

Wealthy Affiliate is the absolute best value for your money with respect to Online Business Ownership and Affiliate Marketing.  Niche Website Newbie is proud to recommend WA and I look forward to being your personal coach during your online journey.


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